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I am looking for love, passion and positive emotions. I need a man who will make me happy! I need someone who fills the void in my soul. I don't need games! I need a real meeting, which will give me a real woman's...


Woman is always difficult to describe myself...I dont no want to make a wrong impression to say only good things about me....Like an average person I have my own pros and cons but I believe that these things don't determine a person. I believe that the desire to be better...


42 / Man

I consider myself as a person with a developed sense of humor. In my life, this feeling plays an important role. A good joke always helps to improve mood and overcome difficulties.  Moreover, a smile is the best decoration. Do you want to give me a smile?


45 / Man

I am confident in myself and my decisions, have positive sides of character in the form of a charming smile I respect every person, every person who has set a goal and brought it to the end, overcoming the barriers encountered on the way. I love everything new and love...


39 / Woman

I am a woman who is trying to find the best in life. There are plenty ways to make yourself feel great, so i do not waste my time and energy on something that is not worthwhile. I am kind, curious and sincere. Open for all topics and stories. I...


45 / Woman

I am a very loyal and active girl. I like to travel and learn new things, my work is connected with this. I have a very big and open heart that is looking for a man for love. I want to find A man...


37 / Woman

I am a very kind and loving, honest, understanding, sweet, I am always ready to help. I can say that I am tender and passionate, I have a trust and faith in people, I am serious but at the same time very jolly and...


48 / Woman

I love this life and I am always smiling. I am attentive to other people and I like to take care of people who need that. I am kind and reliable, I have a good sense of humor and it helps me a lot...


37 / Woman

I am a positive person, that is why I see life in bright colors! I am a very purposeful woman, who knows what she wants in this life. I always try to find harmony in life and in relationships between people. I do not...


34 / Woman

I am very cheerful, sincere and caring woman. I love creating relaxed and light atmosphere around me. With me you will never feel stressed. I am loving and family oriented woman. Also one of my positive sides is that I can feel people and...


30 / Woman

Why do many single girls think that men should financial support them? I think that every woman should try to help her man in any business. I will always be support for my future husband. People who know me say that I am very...


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